07:07 Worldwide boss of prison-operator Serco defends way his company runs Mt Eden jail urging everyone to wait for inquiries before judging.

06:49 All not lost in Glenmark rugby club fire in North Canterbury - It's been revealed a decision made several years ago to scan all the photos:

06:45 Investment analyst play down suggestions the government was short-sighted when it partly privatised the three state owned energy companies.

06:43 New Zealand researchers want wider use of vitamin-D fortified foods and dietary supplements - to combat bowel diseases.

06:42 The Vatican says a former Vatican ambassador accused of child abuse has died, a month after he was hospitalised on the eve of his trial.

Sun, 10 Jun 2012

Christopher Kemp, Author "Floating Gold" The search for Ambergris

What the hell is Ambergris? Don’t rely on what you’ve heard so far. Hear microbiologist Christopher Kemp who’s written Floating Gold, the search for Ambergris, a natural substance whose story just gets more and more bizarre at every turn.

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