11:08 Two siblings missing in Wairarapa left their homes on pushbikes on Sunday night and have not been seen since.

11:07 A High Court ruling on products labelled as New Zealand-made could have far reaching implications.

11:05 The Prime Minister's admitting his lawyer could have worded an email better, when lobbying the former Revenue Minister over foreign trusts.

11:04 The government is giving a $2 million boost to agencies trying to prevent crime before it happens.

10:57 A huge crowd's gathered in central Leicester this morning as the city's football club pulled off one of sport's great dream stories today.

Sun, 10 Jun 2012

Christopher Kemp, Author "Floating Gold" The search for Ambergris

What the hell is Ambergris? Don’t rely on what you’ve heard so far. Hear microbiologist Christopher Kemp who’s written Floating Gold, the search for Ambergris, a natural substance whose story just gets more and more bizarre at every turn.

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