05:58 A volcanic ash cloud is again causing problems for travel plans, with the cancellation of some international flights to and from Bali.

05:56 Donald Trump has ground to make up after the first debate with Hillary Clinton, with polls giving the Democratic candidate a clear win

05:54 Police say a person hit by a car and killed south of Te Kuiti last night was the driver of a vehicle that had crashed earlier.

05:54 A new study has revealed women who use a midwife as a lead carer when giving birth, put their babies at higher risk

05:53 A large plastics factory in West Auckland's been destroyed in a series of explosions and fire that may have been deliberately lit.

Mon, 20 Jun 2011

Christchurch landlords and tenants - what are your rights?

As Christchurch landlords find themselves with empty properties and tenants find themselves living in damaged homes, it is important to know your rights. What are your rights?

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