Christchurch earthquake memorial: An alternative view


By Kelly Smith

I think you will find that most people here are over it.

February 22nd should be a day for the injured and those who have lost loved ones. People here will never forget them, but in reality it will be a day where the politicians get up and pat themselves on the back at what a great job they are doing, give us a few sayings then go sit in the Koru Lounge as they bail out.

Some religious people will get up and tell us that their respective God is great and all will be well with a prayer. The media will dine out on stories and tell everyone how they were there. Then the rich and powerful will have a big meal somewhere paid for by the generosity of the taxpayer.

There will be a committee somewhere eating up more of the money that was supposed to be for rebuilding. They won't be discussing the fact that section prices have doubled as property developers gouge away; that people will have to leave their house and try and get a rental, which have doubled in price as well (if you can make the short-list!); and that they have lost their job as buildings are still being closed.

The containers are great, but unfortunately your average Joe Bloggs can hardly afford a coffee there, let alone shop and most people in the eastern suburbs would prefer a working toilet or a new bit of road.

If people want to help, tell your MP that your money is being wasted and you meant it to help the people, not Fletchers or advisers. Ask how much has been spent on committees as we can't find out.

I am not a disgruntled red-zoner. I'm in the white zone as they still haven't finished assessing yet, and I am a staunch Cantabrian. Even though I could leave, I won't because I love my birthplace.

Call me a pessimist, but you don't have to do much research to see this is what is really happening.

source: data archive