15:16 Sky TV shares have slumped 13% after warnings of a subscriber number drop. it expects to lose 45,000 residential customers by June 30th.

15:10 Government-owned Southern Response is promising to thoroughly investigate asbestos found in Christchurch soil on a family's building site.

14:43 Kings Swim School in Christchurch has been cleared of any wrong-doing over the near-drowning of a four year old boy in January.

14:39 Robinson Helicopter Company bosses have met New Zealand aviation officials amid serious safety concerns after a number of crashes.

14:39 New Zealander Craig Rowland, who has fled the Canadian city besieged by a huge wildfire, fears he and his wife may have lost everything.

Wed, 22 Aug 2012

British-American Tobacco launches offensive against plain packaging cigarettes

Andrew Patterson speaks to British-American Tobacco General Manager Steve Rush about the company's plans to lobby the government against plans to enforce plain-packaging of cigarettes. Health Minister Tony Ryall says the campaign will fall on deaf ears. Rush says the regulations have the ability to impact New Zealand's trade and sets a "disturbing precedent" for other industries. "We believe it will foster the illicit trade, the black market cigarettes, and that will undermine the health agenda that the government is trying to achieve," he said.

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