14:18 Catalogue clothing company Ezibuy may be sold

14:17 German police say a man killed in an explosion near a music festival in southern Germany was the likely attacker.

14:06 The chairman of Te Puea Marae says a "tidal wave" of homeless people in Auckland appears to be subsiding.

13:55 Immigration New Zealand is tightening passport checks as part of its efforts to beef up border security.

13:07 A New Zealand I-O-C member says he wanted a blanket ban on Russia from the Olympics.

Thu, 06 Sep 2012

Bill Clinton goes into bat for Democrats

Bill Clinton spoke this afternoon at the Democratic convention - RadioLIVE Drive spoke to Robert Patman from the Department of International Affairs at Otago University for his take. Patman says that Clinton is very popular amongst white males - where Obama isn't as strong and it will be of assistance. 6 September 2012

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