Best Grandmother dishes

Cooking pot

By Tony Murrell and Helen Jackson

Helen says:

This week we have Natalie Oldfield with her new book Dulcie May Everyday. Dulcie May was Natalie’s grandmother and she has made a career from the food that he gran cooked for her.

What favourite dishes do you make that came from your grandmothers or mothers kitchen? Often old is best so let’s talk about some of our really old favourites.

This week I made fabulous bread that was a complete doddle – I can’t wait to share the recipe with you and maybe will bring some in for Tony as well. The recipe takes me back to flower pot bread that I used to make years ago.

Loads of feijoas and this week I also made a boiled feijoa loaf and feijoa sponge pudding – more feijoa ideas from you please?

See this delicious feijoa sponge pudding recipe.

Kai from Hawaii is going to pop into studio to talk to us about eating in NZ and her wonderful Hawaiin spice blends.

Tony says:

Something old and something new. Kate Marshall from Waimea Nurseries in Nelson has some good and interesting news.

Plants from SA (South Africa) they really do have their place especially when we want winter colour and a no fuss option for neglected gardens. So what's on the board Miss Ford when it comes to plant varieties and suitability nation wide?

Cabbage makes your hair curly, carrots help you see in the dark, so what properties do other vegetables hold?

To shred or not to shred: Leaves and twigs and bits that fall from trees, what do we do with the autumn fall?

Thinking of putting a pool in for next summer? Well, did you know what, how and where to start when it comes to meeting your personal criteria and options? We talk to a pool planner and expert on the show.

Oh and don't miss "Tui Time" this week, you could be in to win some fabulous garden accessories.

Looking forward to a nice early start from 6am on Saturday morning!

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