Berries, pine nuts and perennial herbs

Pine nuts

By Helen Jackson and Tony Murrell

Tony says:

Perennial herbs to name but a few. In 1966 Simon and Garfunkel released what is still today an absolute classic, the album titled Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme - a rendition of the the English classic folk song from the 16th century took the world by storm.

I am not going to be talking about music or albums on the show on Saturday... Geoff might play a track or two, maybe. No, what I will sharing with you and discussing are the plants themselves. The history, plant varieties and uses: Culinary and in the medical world

Things to do in the North and South Island in your Garden; my must-haves when it comes to taking care of plants; Tony's garden design tip of the week; garden talk back everything from Cycads to Chilean guava.

In "Tui Time" this week, Lianne joins us and to continue our talk on herbs, great prize pack this week too, I wished Helen and I could enter!

Helen says:

Pine nuts are, on the whole, extraordinarily and not always in perfect condition – why?

Lee Paterson, pine nut grower joins us to talk pine nuts and the difference between the imported and locally grown.

Pine nut recipes anyone?

I'll have recipes to accompany Tony’s herb list this morning, with oregano added in for good measure as well.

More on berries and our favourite recipes for berries, peaches, nectarines and plums.

This peach and raspberry dessert is an absolute treat. While on peaches this peach cupcake recipe is divine with a gorgeous soft frosting.

Also check out where to pick your own fruit and berries.


Helen and Tony

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