Autumn harvest time

Autumn harvest

By Tony Murrell

Autumn mornings require that you sprint to the shower to warm up for the day ahead. Robert Guyton tells me its been the best summer in Southland. We catch up up with him to find out about a tree that is causing some local hype. It's harvest time too, so how best to store your bounty for the winter months ahead?

Tim Durrant from Hawkes Bay regularly visits the Hastings Farmers Market. What sets it apart from the the others? Grapes and fruit are being picked and the region is a buzz with activity. Tim reports on all the events.

In "Tui Time" this week we find out about the next generation fertilizer with phenomenal results for our home gardens.

Now, if you are like me, I head to the green grocer and the supermarket. Oh, and a couple of other foody type places around the town. However there are others that have a whole other take on finding food. Find out on Saturday.

BTW, Helen is sunning herself in Samoa, so you guessed it, I have truly got the talking stick. I promise I will read out one recipe.

Look forward to catching up and don't forget to call me, I'm on my own! Oh, there is quite a bit to talk about too when it comes to autumn gardening


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