11:50 An Australian expert will examine the piece of wing found on Reunion island to help determine whether it comes from MH370.

11:49 The PM says signing off on the T-P-P is the best thing the government can do for farmers.

11:48 Supermarket workers helped rescue 3 children from a burning 2-storey building in the South Canterbury town of Waimate which claimed 3 lives.

11:08 There's more frustration for holidaymakers travelling to Bali as flights are cancelled yet again.

11:07 A joint fisheries patrol in the South Pacific has busted six vessels for breach of fishing regulations..

Thu, 14 Jun 2012

Ask Convention Centre tenderers if they knew about pokie machine option - commentator

Right wing political commentator Matthew Hooten tells RAdioLIVE's Marcus Lush the government is handling the latest twist in the conventuion centre for pokie machines deal well - but he says the other people involved in the tendering process need to be asked if they knew a casino type option might have been open to them. June 14, 2012

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