13:09 Dunedin Hospital's right to train orthopaedic surgeons has been reinstated.

13:06 Auckland fire crews have responded to a large Diesel spill at Devonport Naval base.

12:18 Manufacturers will have to be more careful about labeling their products as 'New Zealand made' following a High Court ruling.

12:16 An investigation's underway into how the owners of a Taranaki station passed a good character test, despite a serious conviction overseas.

11:55 The Taupo toddler and the carers who beat him to death were not known by Child, Youth, and Family.

Wed, 15 Aug 2012

Asbestos in Chinese made cars

In Australia nearly 24,000 Chinese made vehicles have been recalled due to asbestos being used in their manufacturing - Clive Matthew Wilson, author of the Dog & Lemon Guide tells RadioLIVE Drive whether it affects New Zeland vehicles. Clive was not at all suprised as he says that the Chinese are notorious for cutting corners on human life and this is just another example. 15 August 2012

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