Art's famous nudes receive 21st Century re-working


By Duncan Wilson

For the son of an art teacher, I don't know much about Renaissance paintings. OK, I'll admit it, I don't know much about art full-stop (just don't tell mum!). I did, however, stop and read this art story with interest.

Italian creative Anna Utopia Giordano has created a number of 21st Century 'updates' to some of history's most-famous nude classics.

The key difference? The female curves.

The remakes conform to what Giordano believes are 21st Century ideas of beauty.

Using Photoshop to splice and dice the originals, she gave the nudes non-existent tummies and enhanced their breasts.

“Art is always in search of the perfect physical form,” Giordano wrote on her website.

“It has evolved through history, from the classical proportions of ancient Greece to the prosperous beauty of the Renaissance, to the spindly look of models like Twiggy and the athletic look of our own time.”

Here is a selection of her work, complete with the originals for you to compare.

source: data archive