Are Louis Crimp's thoughts worth our time?


By Duncan Wilson

Would we all be better off ignoring the opinions of Louis Crimp?

Campbell Live last night aired an interview with the Invercargill businessman who was the ACT Party's largest donor in last year's general election. The piece began life as a news report, but after taping it, it was decided to run it long-form, John Campbell claimed.

The interview contained a sizeable chunk of the usual anti-Maori rhetoric that, dare I say, most New Zealanders have encountered at some point in their lifetime. I've only lived in this fine land 4 years and I've heard the same sentiments expressed, often ad verbatim, on numerous occasions. So much so, that I've become quite proficient at simply ignoring it, and going about enjoying my life.

Any lingering doubts over Crimp's competency and rationalism were quashed when part-way through the piece he was shown asking interviewer Jane Luscombe "have you ever had sex against a tree?"

Hear Miles Davis speak to Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres about Louis Crimp here

Is Louis Crimp simply a doddering old man whom we shouldn't pay any attention?

source: data archive