An apology, of sorts, for Jeselnik shark death skit


New Zealanders were stunned this week to see a poor-taste skit, featuring shark attack victim Adam Strange, had aired in the US.

The weird, naff and downright bad-taste clip was part of Comedy Central show "The Jeselnik Offensive", which aimed to make the point that more sharks were killed by humans each year than the other way round.

Hamish Coleman-Ross, Producer for Karyn and Andrew, contacted Comedy Central, but they declined to comment. He did, however, receive this kind-of apology in his inbox this morning:

Hi Hamish,

I believe you reached out to Comedy Central US re The Jeselnik Offensive.

Noodle act as the PR representative for Comedy Central in New Zealand.

We thank you for your patience. At this point in time, Comedy Central US is not commenting on the segment.

We appreciate however there has been a strong reaction to the segment in NZ, therefore please see below statement that can be accredited to Rebecca Batties, Vice President and General Manager, Music and Comedy, Viacom International Media Networks Australian & New Zealand.

Understandably, the reaction from New Zealanders to this segment of “The Jeselnik Offensive” has been a strong one. We regret any offence caused, particularly to the Strange family and the Muriwai community.

We take our responsibility as a programmer as well as the feedback we receive from our viewers very seriously. To that end, we have removed access to the segment on for New Zealand and Australian audiences, and it has not and will not air in New Zealand.

Thank you,


source: data archive