13:32 There has been a lockdown of the Hornby Work and Income office in ChCh.

13:15 Ashburton residents fighting the sale of their water, plan to take Environment Canterbury to court.

13:14 There's been another lockdown of a Work and Income office in Christchurch.

13:05 A million dollar average house price in Auckland is getting closer - with the latest Quotable Value data putting it at $955-THOUSAND-dollars.

12:41 Delicious espresso coffee cake

Sun, 01 Apr 2012

Aerolineas Argentinas quits Buenos Aires - Auckland route, Travel Show with Mike Hogan

Airline news including Air NZ pulling out of Beijing and changing to Shanghai instead, Aerolineas Argentinas pulling out of Auckland - Buenos Aires route, Women Only and more spacious toilets, excess baggage, Pilot air rage, Street Food, The Queenstown Winter Festival, last stop for the Sydney monorail and more, the latest Travel News, Specials and travel prizes with the travel experts Mike Hogan & Anne Van Dyke on the Travel Show every Sunday 1-2pm

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