07:29 A 16-year-old has been arrested after allegedly breaching his bail conditions and assaulting a Hamilton police officer.

07:12 Chaos at a railway station in Budapest - it's congested with angry migrants desperate to start a new life in Europe

07:03 WEATHER: AKL: Showers, PM thunder, 17 - WGTN: Occ. showers, Strong Nly, 14 - CHCH: Mainly fine, late showers, 17 - DUN: Periods of rain, 12

07:02 Police hunting a man involved in assault on an officer in Hamilton. Another person has been charged in relation to the incident in Dinsdale

07:00 Dairy prices are clawing their way back, jumping by 10.9% in the latest Global Dairy Trade auction. Whole-milk powder rose more than 12%

Thu, 22 Sep 2011

Advertising billboard is electioneering - Electoral Commission

Paul Henry talks to Matthew Ridge after his Car Fe billboard prompted a complaint to the Electoral Commission. 22 September 2011.

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