09:14 Valerie Adams is happy with her shot put victory at the Diamond League meet in Switzerland, 2 weeks after being pipped for Gold in Rio

09:09 The wild weather hammering Auckland is cutting power to various parts of the region.

05:21 Police are still responding to an incident where shots were fired and several cars hijacked in the Northland Region

05:09 An Auckland family suing a landlord for $50,000 after spending more than 3 years in a p-contaminated house have been awarded just $500.

04:38 Search crews will again attempt to recover the body of a Czech tourist from the Routeburn Track today

Wed, 04 Dec 2013

AUDIO: Conservative Party leader - not sure of moon landings - hasn't looked into it

RadioLIVE's Marcus Lush with Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig on chemtrails - and whether man's landed on the moon - Colin says he's not sure.

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