11:06 Recovery crews are on their way to the site of the Fox Glacier chopper crash to try to retrieve the bodies of the remaining three victims.

10:51 Parents will soon be able to track their children flying unaccompanied with Air New Zealand as the company brings in a world-first wristband.

10:47 It'll be a race against time once recovery crews get to the Fox Glacier chopper wreckage, with the weather set to pack in again shortly.

09:51 33 year old Darren Bauke has been found guilty of hunting and killing a rare, protected black-billed gull in Southland and was fined $950.

09:49 French authorities say the men who have taken hostages in Roubaix in northern France appear to have no links to the Paris attacks.

Wed, 04 Dec 2013

AUDIO: Conservative Party leader - not sure of moon landings - hasn't looked into it

RadioLIVE's Marcus Lush with Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig on chemtrails - and whether man's landed on the moon - Colin says he's not sure.

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