19:39 A one-year-old has been taken to Starship Hospital in Auckland with critical injuries.

17:22 Five NZ Army soldiers have been charged with using drugs while helping in the aftermath of Cyclone Winston in Fiji.

17:20 A body has been discovered in a bale of cardboard by an OJI Fibre Solutions worker in Waikato. More details as soon as police provide an update.

17:09 BREAKING: A body has been discovered in a bale of cardboard by a worker in the Waikato. More soon.

17:08 Owners of recalled Volkswagon Amarok utes are being urged to get in touch with their dealers for a software upgrade.

Tue, 12 Jun 2012

AUDIO: Christchurch caller experiences earthquake live on-air

A caller from Christchurch experiences an earthquake while on the phone to Ewing Stevens live on RadioLIVE. As Canterbury heads in to its second winter since the fatal quake of Feb 2011, the lady was describing to Ewing how she was keeping warm when the tremor hit. Listen and you can hear the quake in the background. 12th June 2012.

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