17:10 A 36 year old man has appeared in New Plymouth District court on historic sex offence charges spanning nearly two decades. He's denied all charges.

16:34 Motorists are advised to use caution on the Rimutaka hill, north of Wellington. NZTA says strong winds mean extra care is needed.

16:33 Dog owners are being warned of the dangers of a pack mentality after vicious dog attacks on two women on a Hawke's Bay beach.

16:23 At least four houses have gone up in flames and others are under threat from a massive fire which has engulfed a Saddle Hill, Dunedin hillside.

16:11 John Key's secret trip to Iraq was plagued by delays, mostly due to dust storms which made flying and landing treacherous.

Fri, 29 Jun 2012

ACC to pay 'Koha' to the Stretch family

Following up on the Morris Stretch case where ACC wouldn't pay a funeral cost to his family, ACC have flip-flopped and decided to pay the Stretch family a 'Koha'. 29th June, 2012

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