06:21 A business in China's about to unveil a smartphone you can bend all the way around your wrist. You wear the phone like a watch or bracelet.

06:06 A tyre blowout is believed to be blame, for a crane that rolled and tipped near the Gold Coast, severing the driver's ear.

05:12 Police are investigating after a tow truck with a van on its deck was found well ablaze on Mt Eden Rd in Auckland early this morning.

05:07 US Police bracing for protests at a Donald Trump rally today in California, after chaos at a New Mexico event for the presidential nominee.

05:05 Speculation has been mounting over the past few days that Apple is set to enter the electric car business.

Thu, 27 Sep 2012

16 year-old prisoner to doctor

Dr Paul Wood found himself in Prison at 16 and now he is a Doctor and keynote speaker at TEDx Auckland - he spoke to RadioLIVE Drive. Dr Wood said that prison is a very negative place and a lot of the prisoners displace their negative energy on to others. 27 September 2012

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