11:32 Queensland Police are one step closer to locating the body of a New Zealand woman - presumed dead.

11:31 Several people are being questioned after a violent home invasion in Waikato.

11:31 Extensive flooding has forced the closure of schools and communities in the Waikato.

11:30 The final four flag designs have been revealed as the next step in a possible flag change - and one designer has two entries.

11:26 The creators of Whittaker's chocolate milk are releasing new flavours from tomorrow.

Thu, 27 Sep 2012

16 year-old prisoner to doctor

Dr Paul Wood found himself in Prison at 16 and now he is a Doctor and keynote speaker at TEDx Auckland - he spoke to RadioLIVE Drive. Dr Wood said that prison is a very negative place and a lot of the prisoners displace their negative energy on to others. 27 September 2012

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